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  • Mad Max Fury Road Told In Egyptian Hieroglyphics August 28, 2015
    Note: Larger version HERE. This is the story of Mad Max: Fury Road told in hieroglyphics, as imagined by artist Takumi. I still haven't seen Fury Road because I like to wait at least two years after a movie comes out to watch it, but I couldn't really gather much of the story from looking at this. Still, everyone I've talked to said it was gre […]
  • He Looks Angry: Terrifying Zombie/Werewolf Dog Muzzle August 28, 2015
    This is the Russian-design werewolf dog muzzle. It costs about $30 and you can buy one HERE. It makes your dog look insane. That is probably not a good look for a dog unless you want people calling the authorities telling them you're walking a rabid hellhound around town. People will do that. You might not think they will, but they will. Never underesti […]
  • It's A Bird...It's A Plane...It's -- No Wait It's a Drone: Superman Toy Taped To Drone To Look Like He's Flying August 28, 2015
    This is the video resulting from Barry Craig duct-taping a Superman action figure to his Phantom 3 drone to make it look like he's flying over Victoria Park in London. It's funny because it kind of looks like a bad chroma key job. Also, why is Superman shaking so bad? SPOILER: Because he's an alcoholic. Sad but true. Ever since Uncle Ben died. […]
  • Dad Builds Optimus Prime Cake That Really Transforms August 28, 2015
    This is a video of the transforming Optimus Prime cake that father Russell Munro built for his son's birthday. He 3-D printed all the plastic parts of Optimus's body that hold the cake. Pretty impressive. When I was growing up I was lucky to get a cake at all. Usually my parents forgot my birthday until I reminded them then my mom would just put ca […]

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