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  • Nerd Fight!: Physicist Brian Cox Corrects Neil DeGrasse Tyson On The Physics Of Lightsabers February 9, 2016
    This is an interview between Neil DeGrasse Tyson and physicist Brian Cox in which Brian explains to Neil that lightsabers actually could bounce off each other, despite being made of light (previously Neil argued they would just pass through each other with no interaction). Then they whip out two plastic lightsaber replicas and try to beat each other senseles […]
  • Barney The Dinosaur Battles T-Rex All Over New York City February 9, 2016
    Because Youtube channels aren't gonna fill themselves with content, this is a video of Barney the Dinosaur and a t-rex doing battle in New York City. Well, technically, it's two guys in dinosaur costumes. They battle all over the city -- in Time Square, the subway, Chinatown, the Theater District, you name it. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER: Barney wins. […]
  • How To: Make A Fancy Cocktail Inside An Ice Sphere February 9, 2016
    This is a video tutorial created by Youtuber Cocktail Chemistry demonstrating how to make a cocktail inside a hollow ice sphere. Basically it involves using an ice sphere mold to freeze only the outside of the ice ball, then melting a hole in the top, draining the water, and replacing it with booze. To serve the drink you get to smack it with a hammer. I lov […]
  • Freaky Deaky: Cutting A Giant Rubber Band Ball In Half February 9, 2016
    Because experiments are important, this is a video of a guy cutting a massive rubber band ball in half with a grinder (previously: the same experiment performed with a handsaw with slightly different results). It looks like it's alive. Are rubber bands alive? Do we know for a fact rubber bands aren't worms? I've never been to a rubber band fac […]

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