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  • Fireworks Equipped Quadrocopter Chasing Some Dudes May 22, 2015
    This is a video of a quadrocopter with roman candles attached chasing after two dudes in the snow (previously: this version). The screencap above was taken right before red shorts takes a direct hit to the back. Obviously, they encourage you to not try this at home. Obviously, I will not heed that warning and will spend my Memorial Day weekend having firewor […]
  • New Crayfish Looks Like It Was Painted With Outerspace May 22, 2015
    This is Cherax pulcher, a newly described species of crayfish from Indonesia. It looks like Mother Nature painted it with a picture of a beautiful nebula. You think she did it at one of those wine and painting parties I see so many pictures of in my Facebook minifeed? Maybe. Mother Nature is definitely a heavy wine drinker, I know that for a fact. Aren' […]
  • Hoodie With An Integrated Pouch For Your Cat May 22, 2015
    The Mewgaroo Hoodie (~$50) is a hoodie with a giant pouch on the front for a kitty to curl up in. Also works for small dogs. The pouch has a removeable, washable liner so it doesn't get all funky in there. Plus the hood has little ears and the cuffs have paw pads on them so it makes you look like a cat too! Meow? HISSSSSSS. This is the perfect hoodie to […]
  • New World Record For Distance Traveled On Hoverboard May 22, 2015
    "Hey McFly you bojo, those boards don't work on water!" "Unless you've got POWER!" This is a video of Catalina Alexandru Duru traveling 275.9 meters (905-feet, 2 inches) on a hoverboard. Except not the kind of hoverboard you imagined, this is more like a quadrocopter you can stand on. Still, the Guinness Book of World Records re […]

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