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  • Rock Band VR Shreds the Rhythm-Game Paradigm March 24, 2017
    A decade after the genre's peak, virtual reality turns out to be the perfect medium for indulging the rock-god fantasy. The post Rock Band VR Shreds the Rhythm-Game Paradigm appeared first on WIRED. […]
  • How Can You Measure How Much Pain a Baby Feels? March 24, 2017
    The FDA is issuing a new warning on anesthesia for infants, and it poses a difficult question for doctors. What's more dangerous: pain or pain treatment? The post How Can You Measure How Much Pain a Baby Feels? appeared first on WIRED. […]
  • National Noise Map Charts Americans’ Aural Misery March 24, 2017
    Work from government cartograph-ears puts transportation-related noise in perspective. The post National Noise Map Charts Americans' Aural Misery appeared first on WIRED. […]
  • Enough With the Unoriginal Sci-Fi. Looking at You, Life March 24, 2017
    Even if you haven't seen this movie, you've seen this movie. The post Enough With the Unoriginal Sci-Fi. Looking at You, Life appeared first on WIRED. […]

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  • The Big Bend, A Proposed NYC Skyscraper Shaped Like A Giant Upside-Down U March 24, 2017
    This are some conceptual renderings of The Big Bend, a New York City skyscraper proposed by design studio Oiio to circumvent NYC's building height laws by constructing a skyscraper that's 4,000 feet long, but less than 2,000 feet tall. If built, they're claiming it would be "the world's longest skyscraper," which I'm fairly […]
  • Learning By Looking: A Timeline Of When All The Star Trek Shows/Movies Take Place March 24, 2017
    Note: Larger version HERE in case you wanted to see that but were too afraid to ask. It's cool, I don't bite. *tries to bite* Haha, never trust a hungry wolf! To celebrate the upcoming (but not exactly sure when) Star Trek: Discovery series premiering on CBS, this is a kinda confusing to look at timeline detailing when all the Star Trek shows and m […]
  • Man Sings Star Wars Tune To Get Pedestrians To Move Out Of The Bike Lane On Bridge March 24, 2017
    This is a video of an unknown bicyclist singing 'You're In The Bike Lane' in the style of the Star Wars theme to let pedestrians on the Brooklyn Bridge know that they're -- you guessed it -- walking in the designated bike lane. Although I don't know what the big deal is, I always thought designated lanes were more of a suggestion tha […]
  • That's Too Much: The World's Most Expensive Taco (Costs $25,000) March 24, 2017
    In the world absolutely doesn't need that news, executive chef Juan Licerio Alcalá at the Grand Velas Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico has created a $25,000 taco. For reference, you could buy 25,000 regular street tacos for that, and still have enough money left over to fill a swimming pool with horchata, which you should. the taco comes with langoustin […]

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