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  • These Aren’t Futuristic Homes for People. They’re Luxury Condos for Bees August 27, 2014
    A few modern concessions include a thermostat, a scale for measuring the honey production, and, on the exterior, a tiny landing strip for incoming bees making their way back indoors. […]
  • Tall People Won’t Have to Endure Reclining Airline Seats in the Future August 27, 2014
    Tall people began complaining when passengers reclined in their airplane seats. It was the height of human excess. Within a few years, everything had changed. […]
  • How We Can Get Submarines to Travel at Supersonic Speed August 27, 2014
    Chinese researchers say they are developing technology that would allow submarines to travel more than 750 mph. That’s faster than commercial aircraft fly, and yes, it is possible. The technology is called supercavitation, and it’s been around for decades. The idea is to increase the speed of an object like, say, a submarine or torpedo […] […]
  • Vote for Eruptions in the 3 Quarks Daily Science Prize August 27, 2014
    I’m not usually great with self promotion, but my post “So You Think Yellowstone Is Going to Erupt” was nominated (with 85 science articles from all over the spectrum) for the 2014 3 Quarks Daily Science Prize. If you have a moment, head over a cast a vote for my post to move onto the […] […]

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  • Penis Ring Thrust Counter And Sexual Performance App August 27, 2014
    HIYO, totally thought that dude's finger was a pecker at first. Because what man hasn't dreamed of sporting a BlueTooth and Wi-Fi connected ring around his wiener, this is the Bondara SexFit penis ring sexual performance evaluator. It vibrates for pleasure, has performance indicating lights, and connects to your smartphone via BlueTooth/Wi-Fi to up […]
  • Home Run To Happiness: The Kickball Ice Cream Maker August 27, 2014
    This is the Kickball Ice Cream Maker available from Hammacher Schlemmer ($35). It's like the spherical plastic ice cream makers that have existed forever, except softer and kickable. Just like the head of an enemy. I'm going to kick it so f***Ing hard the ice cream compartment opens up and we wind up making dirt cream. Simply place cream, sugar, va […]
  • Let's Play Rescue The Princess!: 3-D Printed Concrete Castle Playhouse August 27, 2014
    This is the castle playhouse made by Minnesotan (that's somebody from Minnesota) Andrey Rudenko using 3-D printed layers of concrete. Andrey built his own concrete-extruding 3-D printer and printed the pieces to make this castle to test it out. Looks like it works. Eventually, Andrey hopes to use the printer to print his own 2-story home. Lofty goals. N […]
  • Star Wars Podracing: Jetskiing Through Watery Canyon August 27, 2014
    This is a first-person video of some guy jetskiing through a water-filled canyon on Lake Powell. It looks wild, especially since the water is so calm and its reflection so clear that it looks like the jetski is hovering. Me? I would have crashed into a wall and drowned on the first turn because I was too cocky to wear a life vest. PROTIP: always wear a life […]

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