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  • Smart Thinking: Electric Company Uses Flamethrowing Octocopter To Burn Trash Off Power Lines February 17, 2017
    These are a few shots from Xiangyang, China where an electric power maintenance company is using a flamethrowing octocopter to burn plastic bags and other debris that have gotten caught on power lines too dangerous/out of reach for a person to retrieve. Now that's just some solid problem solving if I've ever heard of it. Plus, you know, who doesn […]
  • Damn Mother Nature, You're Crazy: The Wonk-Eyed Strawberry Squid February 17, 2017
    This is a video from The Monterey Bay Aquarium And Research Institute of Histioteuthis heteropsis (aka the strawberry squid, or cock-eyed squid). It looks like a strawberry and has one small eye and one big green googly eye to help it spot prey. I actually feel a real connection to it because my left eye doesn't open as far as my right one, and my frien […]
  • Baklava Wearing A Balaclava Playing A Balalaika On Black Lava February 17, 2017
    Because this train was bound to reach the end of the internet eventually, here's a picture Photoshopped together by Matt Haughey of a piece of baklava in a balaclava playing a balalaika on black lava. Just knowing it exists fills my heart with a profound sense of sadness. But also, hope. But only for an asteroid strike. Thanks to Simone, for pointing ou […]
  • Dungeon Master, A Dungeons & Dragons Inspired Tabletop Gaming LEGO Set February 17, 2017
    In other LEGO news, this is the conceptual 3,000-piece Dungeon Master (no actual affiliation with Dungeons & Dragons) set created by LEGO Ideas user Ymarilego. It has already gathered enough support (10,000 votes) to be considered for production by LEGO. The set, which can be built into countless different layouts, is perfect for tabletop gaming. Admitte […]

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