I grew up in a quiet rural location in the boarder lands between Somerset and Dorset with plenty of time for dreaming. Unable to read books because of dyslexia my mother read to me until I was ten. She had a strong taste for horror and mystery, with a naturally spooky mind excited by all things supernatural. These things I gladly inherited and transfer into my writing and sometimes my artwork too.



The Locksmith is my first novel, Sweet Dreams is my second, which will be published in November 2019, and I'm busy working on a third. Stories have filled my head and spill over into my dreams, waiting to be worked out on paper. I've just completed an BA Hons English Literature and Language degree with the OU, achieving a 2.1. I'm married, have four children, too many pets, and live in Bristol in a dusty cluttered house.



Jude doesn’t like secrets, they breed poison, but she knows her husband is hiding something from her. To uncover the truth she flees with her three young children to stay with her mysterious mother-in-law, Audra. Only Audra has secrets of her own and will stop at nothing to keep them.

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Astrid wants to build a new life, but her painful past drags her down.

She's drawn to Mark, the trouble insomniac she meets in town, only she's worried about her safety.

There's someone terrifying stalking the streets of Bristol and he's hot on her trail.

Who is the Bristol beast and what does he want with Astrid?

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I am a mixed media artist dabbling in a range of materials. It just depends on the idea at the time. Red plastic clay, white crank, glazed or painted, bronze or cold cast resin, oils and acrylics, tapestry, mini mosaic and hand built sculpt clay figures.

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"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale"

Hans Christian Andersen


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Bristol, UK

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