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I have made tapestries since I was a child. At first, I bought kits and carefully followed the printed pattern. Gradually I began to add my own elements until I finally started designing my own. My largest one took 9 years to complete. 

This was a commission from father who wanted it as a wedding anniversary present for my mother.


These two were made for 2 of my children.

Lady Willow_edited.jpg

I had a bit of a shoe obsession. Here's 2 of them. The willow pattern one was displayed at the RWA.


This is Caroline. She took 9 years to make. There's a tine pair of scissors hidden in the border to open up the bag draped over her shoulder. In the bag is a tiny book all about her. She's about 3ftx4ft.

This is Free Bird. 

Graphic design tapestry portrait of 2 of my children.

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