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Bristol Literature Festival 2018 - Crime Thriller & Horror

Crime, thrills & horror return to Bristol’s old Bridewell police cells, now hidden away under the Island artspace. Visit the underground pop-up bookshop for author-signed books showcasing the creepiest horror, tense thrillers and twisting crime tales. Meet local best-selling writers, browse for treats and Christmas gifts, and – if you dare – venture into the cells to hear dark stories best locked away. This event is free - what have you got to loose, apart from a good nights sleep!

Crime Thriller Horror WITH TEXT.jpg

I'll be reading from The Locksmith and generally hanging about to chat at Bristol's Old Police Cells on 20th October. This event is part of Bristol Lit Fest taking place over the weekend - see the link above for more information. Come and see me and meet some of my writer buddies. There will be lots of books to look at and buy. Lots of spine tingling readings to enjoy. And lets not forget, a chance to see inside the cells at Bristol's old police station!

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