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Spot Painting

How to spot paint. Its easy and relaxing. Give it a go and give yourself a treat.

Get a canvas and paint all over with base colour.

Draw on design with soft pencil or white pencil.

Block spot areas of colour.

Build up other colour areas. You can graduate & intermingle colours.

Start to spot with white along the lines until all your lines are spotted!

Keep on going until its done. Leave to dry and then varnish to protect the paint.

Here's how the fish painting grew.


You will need - a canvas, acrylic paint, nail art spotters, pallet, paint brush, varnish, paint brush and some paper tower to clean off your spotters periodically.

I buy everything I need online. Most things are available on Amazon or Ebay.

Put a few blobs of paint in the well of your pallet. Select nail art size - dip in paint and apply spot. To get spots of equal sizes - dip spot, dip spot, dip spot. Don't just keep going until the paint runs out on your spotter. Clean the spotter point as it collects paint and so your spots start to get bigger.

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