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Echoes of Minerva

I've been working on my 3rd novel, currently named Echoes of Minerva, for some time now. I started before Covid. When we all went into lockdown, I was thrown because I hadn't envisioned this scenario in my plot. My books tend to be written 'real time', so I felt that I had to include Covid in my narrative. When I started making the changes, I found that lockdown worked very well as part of my character's challenges to overcome.

The story follows, Minerva - Min to her nearest and dearest - through three years of her existence.  Min dies while pregnant and her soul becomes trapped inside her daughter's body. When Min's partner, Pete takes his new baby home, he has more than he bargained for.

Min feels that there must be a reason that she is trapped on earth this way, and is convinced that she is still here so that she can protect and guide her family. Definitely a controlling person in life, she's not going to let a little thing like death get in the way of making sure her family is properly looked after, even if extreme methods are required to see that through.

The novel is finally finished. Its had a structural edit with Cornerstones, combed through by all my lovely beta readers, many edits by me and is off for a line edit in April. After the final edit by me, I will be able to consider it finished. Or it will be when I can decide on its final name!

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